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So you can lift weights? Big deal. So can my grandma. What can you really do?

So you can lift heavy weights? I'm impressed, but your average person doesn't know the difference between 225 and 800 lbs on the squat. They're both beyond his ability and heavy.

I don't want to knock weightlifting, though it may sound like I am. I lift weights and think everyone should too. The benefits are numerous.

But I want to encourage you to do something more. To add in some more skill into the mix. To do things that may inspire the average person to want to do it too.

I'm talking about things like Orlistat 120 mg oral capsule, kettlebell juggling, crazy bodyweight feats, hand balancing and acrobatics. Things which I enjoy doing.

Don't think that these are just party tricks either. Although skill may be involved (skill is involved even in basic weightlifting exercises in case you didn't know), they require strength and more. The benefits of many of these skills extend to endurance, coordination, balance, mobility and more. Things that many weightlifters may be lacking.

Don't take my word for it. Legendary Strongman George Jowett wrote back in 1930 on the subject of hand balancing:

No doubt you will have noticed that invariably all hand balancers have splendidly formed arms and each has a firm powerful hand clasp.

I have found that hand balancers on the whole have a more perfectly formed arm - particularly the forearms and wrist- than the weight lifter.

The hand balancer employs the hand and wrist much more than does the lifter of weights and what is more interesting, he employs the arm muscles as well as the grip in many unusual ways- ways not possible to the exercise fans who handle weights only.

No doubt knowledge of this diversified method of development is what makes the mass of European strength athletes so partial to the practice of hand balancing.

The average American strength athlete could practice this valuable pastime of hand balancing more consistently than he does.

True back then and even more so today.

Maxick (Max Sick) - SttB Articles

Gymnast, strongman and performer Max Sick (better known as 'Maxick'). For a rare video treat, check this out.

Following a recent comment by Jason Bray, here's a great exercise for the Stomach Vacuum.

Maxalding Video - SttB Articles

Otto ArcoVia the Diesel Crew comes a great video find [streaming, 28.5 mb .avi via KeepVid] of the Maxalding founders, Max Sick and Monte Saldo. The video also showcases the talents of Edward Aston, Eugen Sandow and Otto Arco (pictured). A rare treat.

For more early physical culture goodness, take a wander over to Early French Culture Physique photography. Some excellent pictures there.

Maxalding - SttB Articles

MaxaldingAn interesting look at the Maxalding (formerly Maxaldo) bodybuilding offerings that covered a large part of the 20th century.



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