Articles and Blogs

I write regularly for a number of sites; on a variety of cooking, environmental and strength-training topics. Here's just a sample :


I write for a number of blogs on a regular basis (primarily on environmental and fitness topics), as well as providing ad-hoc articles to many others. A few of my favourite pieces are :

In addition to these, I'm the editor of (and regular contributor to) :

and many forums, boards and social networks.


I've written several ebooks, most of them elaborating topics which are mentioned on Straight to the Bar. These include :

Newsletters & Communities

I also contribute to a number of Newsletters and Community Sites, such as :

The Strength & Fitness Newsletter
This is the official newsletter for Straight to the Bar, and is delivered (via email) once per week (Mondays). You'll find details and the signup form here.

The Straight to the Bar Daily
As the name suggests, this one comes out every day and is a gathering of the various things being discussed by the strength-training community : Trainers, Coaches and people who simply enjoy spending a bit of time with the iron.

The Better Sleep Nightly
Again, this is a daily gathering of news, information and discussions regarding my favourite strength-training recovery method : sleep. If you'd like to improve yours, grab this.

The Straight to the Bar Community on Google+
This is a fantastic place to discuss the research you're reading, equipment you're using, techniques you're using and a whole lot more. If strength-training is your thing, come and join us.

The Gymchats

Finally, I help write questions for the Gymchats. Fantastic discussions - absolutely love them.

For the uninitiated, a brief description :

The Gymchats are discussions on various aspects of strength-training, held weekly (typically for an hour). A mix of an interview and an open conversation around a particular topic, they're moderated by Personal Trainer Kirk Fontaine.

To get an idea of what I mean, here are a few examples :

If you'd like to be interviewed in an upcoming Gymchat, just drop Kirk a line. He'll help work out a date/time that suits you both.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, I love writing. Feel free to check out any of the pieces above, and drop me a line here. Look forward to hearing from you.